Kid English Class

Our Preschool Program is designed so that the students spend their days participating in a structured, yet fun curriculum. Some of the daily activities are reading, writing, math, motor skill development, language development, social skill development and physical activities. Children will learn the basic skills that will provide them with the foundation for entry into the Beginner Class. The Teacher creates weekly lesson plans with different themes that will engage the children in a wide variety of subjects.

ms tri rumah inggris lampung
Miss Tri Mukhul Jannah
Preschool and Kids Teacher Holder
Kid English Class 1
Kid English Class 2
Kid English Class 3

English For aims at aim at Kid and Elementary levels in English, as outlined by the English Second Language For Kid (ESL Kid).

Each course lasts one period (Approximately: 2 weeks / 1 hours per day).

Kids English Course content includes reading, writing, and uses cutting Rumah Inggris Lampung educational technologies. The Information Handbook given to students upon registration includes a detailed description of the course components.

A1 Beginner Class

We expect that you will:

[info_list_father][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”5″ height=”5″ titleclr=”#000000″]Participate actively in all class activities[/info_list_son][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”5″ height=”5″ titleclr=”#000000″]Follow your teacher’s instructions[/info_list_son][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”5″ height=”5″ titleclr=”#000000″]Submit assignments on time[/info_list_son][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”5″ height=”5″ titleclr=”#000000″]Attend every lesson on time[/info_list_son][info_list_son style=”icon” width=”5″ height=”5″ titleclr=”#000000″]Complete each course successfully to proceed to the next one[/info_list_son][/info_list_father]
Level Kid And Elementary
Course Code Eenglish For Kid
Instructor Language Indonesia (ID)
Who should attended Pre-School and Kid
Certificate No
Online Class No
Extra Program English Explores, Fun Games

Jadwal Umum

Day Class Hous Duration
Monday - Thursday Main Class (Morning) 07:00 s/d 08:00 atau 09:00 s/d 10:00 an hour
Monday - Thursday Main Program (Evening) 15:00 s/d 16:00 atau 16:30 s/d 17:30 an hour

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